PRICE per YEAR for each Talmid/a includes delivery and collection (exc. UK) of tests from your school £1.00 / US$1.50 / CAD$2.00 / AUD$2.25 for the Chumash Test only £1.00 / US$1.50 / CAD$2.00 / AUD$2.25 for the Gemoro Test only £1.50 / US$2.50 / CAD$3.30 / AUD$3.70 for both Gemoro & Chumash
Schools will only receive an invoice once they have received all the test results - there are no upfront charges. UK schools can pay by Bank Transfer, Cheque or Credit Card. USA & Canadian schools can pay by Credit Card, Paypal or if necessary an International Bank transfer to a UK account.
REMEMBER: Chazoro (revision) of whatever piece of Chumash or Gemoro will significantly increase the KATS score - its that simple!
FREE TRIAL FOR NEW SCHOOLS  Please take advantage of our free trial (for any 3 classes in your school). No Cost or Commitment
Please email: for further information. Or call (schools and mosdos  only) +44 7941 090 052 (7-10pm UK time, 2-5pm ET). 
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Tests can begin anytime of the year and are usually delivered within 2-3 days (For our Test Security, we do not email the test papers). Should you wish to proceed, then please email:
Kodesh Ability Tests is a Non Profit Making Company Limited By Guarantee. Registered in England. Number 11426140   Registered Office: 13 Canterbury Drive, Prestwich, Manchester, M25 0HY Great Britain
Prices per student are displayed in UK Pounds, USA, Canadian & Australian Dollars We are doing our utmost to keep prices ridiculously low in order to help as many children benefit from KATS. As you can see from the video, there is no marking or admin for the school / yeshiva - we do all the work! These prices assume there is a minimum of 100 tests Chumash / Gemoro or combined. There is a US$75 / CAD100 surcharge for 50-100 tests, and US$100 / CAD135 for 0-50 tests. We recommend that boys take both the Gemoro and Chumash tests if possible, otherwise prioritise Gemoro for boys. There is no charge until you receive all the results (by post in the UK and online everywhere else).