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REMEMBER: Chazoro (revision) of whatever piece of Chumash or Gemoro will significantly increase the KATS score - its that simple!
I am pleased to report to you that since you have introduced the KATS system into our school, the staff have created a much greater focus on translating skills. The students are now being tested separately within each test, allowing the students to gain more confidence and skills within the Hebrew language. As the students progress through the school, we hope that their language skills will increase and thereby giving them access to the wide range of Hebrew books that surround us. This will help their  confidence and knowledge significantly. Many thanks to the donors of this incredible programme. Rabbi Sulzbacher PRINCIPAL Manchester Mesivta
We have found the KATS an excellent tool for monitoring the progress that children are making. Until now our assessment has always been subjective, based on standards within our own schools. Thanks to Rabbi Benarroch we now have a system that sets a national standard, giving us a greater perspective on how our students are achieving. With its clear presentation, each child can clearly see their progress and at a glance the class Rebbe or teacher can spot those who need greater intervention. Rabbi Zvi Cohen Associate Head of Kodesh Noam Primary School, London
To whom it may concern, I am writing to express our hakoras hatov to Rabbi Benarroch for formulating and running the KATS program. It is run in a very professional manner and has been beneficial to us to see how our boys have achieved when compared with other schools in the country. Although we already have in place an otzar milim system in the school, we didn't have an effective way of testing the boys until Rabbi Benarroch introduced his system to us. I wish him continued hatslocho in raising the standards of torah learning in our tinokos shel beis rabbon. Kind Regards, Rabbi Y Feldman Menahel Torah Vodaas School, London KATS is an impressive and well run organisation. I have known Rabbi Dovid Benarroch for many years and his professionalism and passion pervades the entire programme. Rabbi J Golker Menahel Hasmonean High School, London We have started using KATS which is an important assert to our tracking of Pupils` progress. It has been a very helpful tool. I will also stress that has been a pleasure working with Rabbi Benarroch, an expert in this area. I wish him and his KATS tremendous hatzlocho. Rabbi E Patcas Menahel Tashbar Primary School Edgware, London The KATS assessments help us to track our student's development in Chumash and Gemorah fluency, identify students in need of interventions, and create a measurable target for growth.  We can see the tremendous value in using this tool over time to track our students' progress.  We can evaluate how much growth is being made year to year, and it should show where to provide additional teacher supports as well. Rabbi M. Loiterman Principal, Toras Chaim School, Virginia USA
Yiddish version is now available.
I saw Rabbi Benarroch’s ad for KATS and I was intrigued. Standardized tests in Limmudei Kodesh?  Not only would the tests be prepared with each talmid’s name and grade on it, they would be graded and put on a grid of what’s an expected mark for each particular talmid. Rabbi Benarroch’s team of dedicated mechanchim / mechanchos came through as advertised. We have a real indication of what each talmid has mastered and we are definitely going to do this on a bi- yearly basis. I highly recommend KATS for  every elementary school! Rabbi Dovid Engel Menahel of Toronto Cheder
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